The Fall 4D Camporee at Ransburg Scout Reservation. October 11-13th 2013

$8.00 per camper (ignore any late fee’s)
See email sent out on 9-27-2013. Call me if you have any questions.
We are less than three weeks from 4D Fall Camporee.
The camporee is from 11-13 October 2013 at Ransburg Scout Reservation.
The Theme for the Camporee is Friendship.
So for we will be doing the following.
Morning Activities
    Each District will host three activities on the ridge they have been assigned.  I will need volunteers to help me run these events on Saturday Morning.
    Pioneer will be doing the following activities.
        Burn rope by building a fire.
        Obstacle Course
        Balloon Toss
The Morning Activities will be done by patrols.
This is the time to also look at getting with other districts to make your six man team for the afternoon activity.
Camping Site
Pioneer will be on Ridge One and Two. We will be sharing the ridge with T-Sun-Ga-Ni.  We will have limited space so some troops may have to share a camp site depending on how many troops show up.
When you show up, do not go to a camp site. A Camp Site will be assigned to you based on number of campers and availability by me.
Ransburg Rally Course – Afternoon Activity
    Troops will make six man team. (You must have at lease three different districts represented on each team)
    You will be given a map and have to go to all the points on the map.
    Once all points have been obtained, you will go to the finish line.
    This will be a timed event.
Dutch Oven Cooking Contest
This will be an Scout and Adult Activity.
The only rule is that you must cook in a Dutch Oven.
You will be judged on Taste, Presentation, and Originality.
You must have a copy of your receipt with all ingredients listed to present to each judge. (I would have at least six copies)
We have added a Tug-of-War event for the fun of it. It will be 12 v 12 The afternoon teams will combine to make a 12 man team.  You can only use people that were on your 6 man team from the Ransburg Rally Course.
Scavenger Hunt
    The will be a Scavenger Hunt / Question Sheet handed out on Friday Night that will needed to be turned in sometime Saturday afternoon.
Sunday Vespers
I will need two Chaplin Aid volunteers for Sunday Morning Vespers. Mr. Bill Keevern will be running this program.
We will be giving out First, Second and Third for our morning activities. I would like them to go to Pioneer District, so let get prepared to win.
The other districts will be giving a First, Second and Third for their morning activates. Lets go and take it away form them.
We will be awarding the Sprit of Scouting for Pioneer District, but we will not award the Campfire Skit/Song at this camporee.
First, Second and Third will be awarded for the Ransburg Rally Course
First, Second and Third will be awarded for the Dutch Oven Cooking Contest for Adults and Scouts.
Webelos Woods
All Webelos from Pioneer District are invited to this camporee on Saturday and to spend Saturday night with your troop for Dinner and Campfire.
Make sure the Webelos coordinate with the troop to ensure enough food is available for the dinner meal.
Please contact Linda Grube at 317-787-1433 with the number of Webelos that will be attending by 9 October 2013.
I have attached the Schedule to this email so you have an idea of times for the events.
I have attached a copy of the patch for this camporee.
Yours in Scouting,

Robert I. Wager

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Pioneer District Journal Volume 4 Issue 4 July 2013

The Pioneer District Journal is now available.

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University of Scouting – January 19th, 2013

Attention Scout Leaders of our Outstanding PIONEER District.  On January 19th is the University of Scouting training event at Warren Central High School.  There are many different Course’s being offered that day to help you deliver an Outstanding program to your Scouts.  Here are a few courses that I think you could benefit from:

 Cub Scouts:

P101 All Cub Leader Specifics-
P102 Cub Scout Program Delivery Method-
P104 This Is Scouting-
P105 Youth Protection Training-

Venture Scouts:

P104 This Is Scouting-
P105 Youth Protection Training-
P103 Venturing Leader Specific Training

Boy Scouts:

P104 This Is Scouting-
P105 Youth Protection Training-
P106 Training Paths for Scout Leaders-
P107 Troop Committee Challenge
P111 Scoutmaster Specific Training

P112 Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

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Pioneer CAC Journal December 2012

Attached is the Pioneer CAC journal.

Facebook Official!
Winter Camporee 2013
New Chartered Organization Series
Young Scout Reaches High
New Year’s Page
Golden-Burke Training and Skills
Roundtable Schedule 2013
Fall Camporee Summary
News Flash!
Doing a Good Turn Every Day
Point of Interest
Disability Awareness Workshop

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Pioneer District Journal #15

The Pioneer District Journal # 15  is now available.

Please see attachment.

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A Permanent Amateur Radio Station has come to Belzer!

Attention to all Scouts, Scouters and Scout Units in Crossroads of America Council!
There is a new program forming at Camp Belzer in Indianapolis! A Permanent Amateur Radio Station has come to Belzer! Named in memory of one of the great Scouters of our Council, Bert C. Johnson, the WD9BSA Memorial Scout Amateur Radio Station is about to open it’s doors and go on the air.
There are two dates to look at coming up THIS month! October 13th at 2pm at Camp Belzer, and October 20th at 9am!
October 13th is a general open house for youth to come see what we are doing and learn about the Venture Crew we are forming. We are also looking for Adults interested in helping us with the Station and it’s construction, so both youth and adults shouldn’t be surprised if we might put you to work on the 13th as this will be our first activity as well. A lot of the work is already done. If you have youth in your unit interested in amateur radio, let them know and bring them along. Can’t come on the 13th, the big day is the 20th!
On the 20th is the Jamboree on the Air (JOTA)! An International Scouting Event allowing scouts of all ages and nationalities to talk to other scouts around the state, the country, and the world! We plan on starting at 9am and operate until 9pm. If there is enough interest we may go longer, and if asked we may also continue on Sunday as well depending on how many are interested. Amateur Radio communications doesn’t start at sunup and end at sundown, sometimes it’s just getting started when the sun goes down. Not to mention, when the sky is dark here, it’s light somewhere else! This event is our Grand Opening, our kick off event! There are thousands of scouts the world over who will be on the air for this weekend, and they want to talk to our scouts, so come on down!
Who can use this station? Well, we want to see the youth communicate on the air eventually, so it’s here for the youth to operate under the supervision of licensed amateur radio operators as per FCC rules. Any scout will be able to communicate on this system as long as there are licensed operators present, a WD9BSA group member will always be present to help the scouts out. Scouts and Scouters who already hold FCC licenses for Amateur Radio are welcome to join us any time, we may put you to work with a training program or event. The more the merrier. We can be contacted through the Council headquarters or contact Randy Biggs KA7BSA for more information ( ) The WD9BSA group is working very hard to make this station possible and to come up with programs for visiting units and our Venture Crew. We will be offering scouts the opportunity to become amateur radio operators in the future and help participate in many of the events surrounding this service. The Amateur Radio Service is filled with public service opportunities, SkyWarn, Community Events, Disaster Drills, Amateur Radio Contests, Fox Hunts, Simulated Emergency Tests, and Field Day are just a few things we do. While somethings are very serious in purpose, trust us, the training can be loads of fun to do. In the very near future we will be able to schedule with your units for demonstrations which will include on-air participation (scouts willing). So look for announcements in your newsletters for updates.
In the future we are looking at traveling to other council camps and putting on demonstrations and maybe merit badge classes with the help of our Crew members. For us it will be like Field Day. Ever seen a grown man fall apart because he can’t throw a string over a tree? It happens, all to put up a temporary antenna. Try working an event where you need to drive your Crew into a spot only accessible by unmarked fire roads, setting up a remote radio station and then camping out while the event goes on around you.
We’d like to see as many interested adult scouters as we can and please pass these two dates along to all your units, unit leaders and all youth. There are Radio requirements in nearly every avenue of Scouting, Tiger, Cub, Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts all have some requirement. There are also Radio and Emergency Preparedness merit badges. Once we are completely set up we will be available to schedule demonstrations of amateur radio, merit badge classes and radio requirements for all Crossroads of America Council scouts, all that is in our future plans. We have lots of plans for the future and want to include as many units as we can. It’s up to you, have a request, just ask us, we’ll see what we can do.
Yes, we are looking for adult volunteers to help out as well as interested youth to join our new crew (we don’t even have a unit number yet). Interested? Let us know, we’d love to have you!

Never been to Camp Belzer? (really? OK). The address is 6102 Boy Scout Road, Indianapolis, IN 46226. Take I-465 on the east side of Indianapolis to the 56th street exit, go east on 56th street to Boy Scout Road, turn north on Boy Scout Road and the Camp entrance is on the west side. If you get to the bridge, you’ve gone too far. On the 20th, there is a Marathon being run which will close the streets around the Camp till about 10-10:30am, but 56th Street and Boy Scout Road are supposed to open up again at 10-10:30am, the roads to the North of the Camp will remain closed for several more hours, some make your entrance from 56th Street. Amateurs can use 146.520 simplex for talk in if they need help. Once you get to Belzer, park and we are located in the lower level of the New Learning Center building on it’s west side. We are looking forward so see you there!

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Pioneer District Roundtable Meeting Topics

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Pioneer District Fall Camporee October 12th – 14th 2012

This years theme is Reality Show Challenge!  See the attachment for more details.

Ransburg Scout Reservation
October 14th-16th, 2011
Ransburg Scout Reservation
7599 E. Waldrip Creek Road
Bloomington, IN 47401
Kevin Fife
Camporee fee is $5.00 per person. Cost includes patch, Troop participation ribbon,
program competition awards, program materials and camp fees.
Please complete the attached registration form and turn in with your fees at registration.
Registration will be at the Scoutmaster’s Lounge on Friday beginning at 5:30 P.M.

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Pioneer District 2012 Committee

The Pioneer District Committee for 2012.

Tom Bradley District Chair
Open District Vice-Chair
Barbara Campbell Unit Growth Chair
Tim Cansler District Webmaster
Dick Coffin District Family FOS Chair
Pam Donaldson Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Jeff Eller Camping Chair
Kevin Fife Camporee Chair
Rick French Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Gerald Frazier District Webelos to Scout Transition Chair
John Groves Scouting for Food Chair
Open District Advancement Chair
Ron Heustis Eagle Board Chair
Kris Jones Activities and Civic Service Chair
Darrell Lorenzen District Finance Chair
Kevin Mickey District Public Relations Chair
Kenn Reinhardt Venturing Recruitment
Toni Richardson District Popcorn Chair
Open Boy Scout Recruitment
Roger Schumacher Merit Badge Counselor Chair
Barbara Schwenzer Membership Chair
Jim Scott District Leadership FOS Chair
Open District School Night Chair
Bob Wager 500 Parade Chair
Ken Ulrich District Training Chair
Jarrod Wisely Webelos Camporee Chair
Dennis Woodard District Commissioner
Larry Gallett Program Chair
Rick Santangelo Community FOS Chair
Open District Cub Scout Recruitment


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June 2012 Pioneer District Journal is now available

Please find attached the June 2012 issue of the Pioneer District Journal.  In this issue:

- Pioneer District unit projects
- Upcoming District activity opportunities
- Reflections on the American flag
- Eagle scout success stories
and much, much more.

We are already collecting information for our next issue of the Journal which is planned for release in early September 2012.   Do you have a story about your unit that you wish to share, photos of unit activities, or information of interest to your friends in the Scouting community.

Click on the attachment link.

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